Partnerships at Neyborly


Neyborly is on a mission to make space for everyone.


We are committed to providing the most affordable social space for events, meetings, and parties.

By transforming empty storefronts into thriving gathering hubs, Neyborly is enlivening neighborhoods and helping activate main streets. While e-commerce continues to displace and disrupt traditional retail we envision a long term need for commercial real estate transformation.


Who uses a Neyborly?


40 % Private Parties


Think birthdays, baby showers, stand-up comedy nights. These customers book week nights and weekends.


Board room meetings and presentations, political fundraisers. These clients typically rent space during the weekdays.


40% Business Clients


20 % Retail and Pop-Up


Our largest is Rent the Runway. They leased a turnkey space for 8 months in Downtown San Francisco and our smallest are private artists doing evening long exhibitions.