Below you’ll find answers to the most asked questions across all of our spaces.


Pre-Event FAQ

What are Neyborly's hours of operation?

Most Neyborly spaces are open for reservations from 6 AM - 12 AM. The exception is Mission (3376 18th St), which closes at 10pm.

Do you do soft holds?

We can’t place any soft holds for dates as we operate on a first-payment, first-serve basis.

Can I pay a deposit?

We accept full payment upfront to reserve any location. Of course, we have a cancellation policy in case of anything unexpected!

When can I come take a tour?

Feel free to schedule one on the venue page on our website, We cannot accomodate drop-ins, as our spaces are always in use!

Can I bring my own food?

Absolutely! We have excellent partnerships with Doordash and Curation Catering but all outside catering is accepted. We ask that any deliveries be made within your reservation window. Unscheduled deliveries made outside of your reservation will be turned away.

Can I cook in the space?

We don’t allow cooking in the space, however, you’re more than welcome to bring chafing dishes.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

For private (unticketed) parties, guests 21 and over are more than welcome to bring in their own alcohol. Public events need appropriate licenses. Please review our Alcohol Policy for more details.

Can I drop off before my event?

Please reach out to your Customer Experience Rep before making any deliveries or drop-offs. Any unscheduled drop-offs will be turned away. Remember to be courteous -- our venue is always in use! Imagine if your event was interrupted by a couch delivery (it’s happened!).

Can I mail items to the venue?

Please reach out to your Customer Experience Rep before sending any items to the spaces. Neyborly is not responsible in the event of any lost items.

Can I come before my event starts to set up?

Please reach out to your Customer Experience Rep if you need more time towards the front of your booking. Our venues are always in use! Please be considerate of other events and schedule enough time for set-up and breakdown of your event.

Day of Event FAQ

How do I get into the space?

Included with your hourly rate is a member of our event support staff. They will arrive shortly before your rental begins and assist you in arranging the room in a layout you'd like and show you around the venue for setup and maintenance.

How do I lock up when I'm done?

A member from our event support staff will lock up behind you when your booking is over.

Do I need to do anything before leaving?

Please make sure all food, trash, and recycling are picked up from the floor and placed into the trash, recycling, compost bins we have on-site. Don’t forget to gather all personal belongings before leaving. Please find more information on our cleaning and damages policy here.

How does overtime work?

You're welcome to continue adding additional hours to your booking up until the day before your event. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate overtime requests day-of.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes! Our spaces include internet speeds up to 75 mbps.

Additional FAQ

Can I cancel my booking?

Life happens and plans change. We understand that and have created a refund/cancellation policy to help protect the Guest in the event that a Guest needs to alter or cancel the reservation altogether. When Guests cancel Bookings, Neyborly’s ability to re-book that Space during that time becomes increasingly difficult, as other interested Guests may have already made other plans.. Nonetheless, plans may change, requiring Guests or Neyborly to cancel Bookings on occasion. Here is a detailed look at our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

What happens if I damage something in a space?

You will be responsible for any significant damage done to the facilities or products in the space. Normal wear and tear, however, is not a problem. Please refer to our Cleaning and Damages Policy.