Athena Kim

Exhibition on view at Neyborly: Poet's Corner from July 17th to October 16th, 2018


Athena Kim

I aim for subjective emotional expression with particular emphasis on creative action painting through the playful, yet intuitive process of creating each stroke and layer. Each finished creation is realized through seven to ten integrated applications of pigment. My painting explores diverse styles and techniques emphasizing my liberty to convey attitudes and emotions through non-representational means. Seeking not to be constrained, I favor large canvases where I find space to give spontaneous manifestation to the subconscious.


My work is dedicated to the belief that humans should treat one another with nonviolence and compassion; and is further dedicated to the notion that humans and the earth are interdependent organisms. Much of my creativity springs from an ongoing process of interpreting past trauma in integrated healing and facilitating post-traumatic growth as a survivor. It is my calling to explore these profound emotions and uniquely interpret each individual, allowing the viewer to connect to their personal contemplation, transcendence, and beauty.




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